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We deliver your PCBs matching your specifications exactly, not only meeting but exceeding your expectations of quality, delivery timelines, and optimized cost you expect from us – however stringent and hard they are. Starting from answering your queries to getting the PCBs to their destinations – we provide you with an end-to-end solution. Because that is our job and we strive to excel at it, time after time, day after day!
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We know it takes years to build your trust but it can be lost in a day.

So, we are obsessed with quality – in the materials we procure, the processes we undertake, and the manpower we train! Our certifications and approvals include ISO 9001:2015, UL, C-DOT, CACT, LCSO, RDSO, JSS, and major Indian Government approvals. 

We ensure the highest quality PCBs by using high-quality imported materials, modern manufacturing processes, experienced managers, skilled personnel, and imported capital equipment to produce the highest quality boards for our valuable customers. We test 100% of the PCBs we manufacture, to ensure each of them adheres to the strict quality standards such as IPC-A-600, UL 796, JSS 52300, PERFAG, and/or other standards specified by our customers. We welcome you to visit our facilities – to meet our team and audit our procedures. 


We know that today’s electronic manufacturers need high-quality boards delivered quickly and consistently on time. Modern, imported machinery including spare, backup capacity, inventories of spare parts and raw materials, and experienced maintenance personnel ensure we deliver the PCBs on time, every time. Our customers have been tracking delivery performance over the years and have consistently ranked us as “Excellent”.

The best confirmation of their satisfaction is their orders, repeated month after month.


Through rigorous attention to quality and pre-production assistance with Design for Manufacturability (DFM), SCL ensures that its PCBs save leading electronics companies money and time during assembly.

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