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Today, the applications for new types of electronics are constantly evolving. For our customers, producing new printed circuit board layouts to meet this demand has to be a thoroughly reliable process. Products have to be created at the ‘speed of thought’, and at the best possible price. Each time. Every time.

At SCL, this is our core capability. We bring over three decades of experience in PCB manufacturing to help you. Our process is designed to anticipate problems before they occur. And our people have the skills and expertise needed to ensure a ‘hassle-free process”, from the initial inquiry to the delivery of the finished product.

The selection of the right material and surface finish is an important decision in PCB manufacturing. We help you choose from a variety of applications, materials, surface finishes, and any other specific requirements you have!

We produce a variety of PCBs including:




1-8 layers

Laminate Thickness

0.5 – 3.2 mm


FR4 (Tg 135, Tg 170), RT/ duroid, Teflon

Base Copper

17-105 um (1/2-3 oz)


0.152/0.152mm (6 mil)

Min. Drill Hole

0.25 mm (8 mil)

Min Annular Ring

0.10 mm (4 mil)

Web thickness tolerance on V scoring

+/- 0.075 mm (3 mil)


0.10/0.10 (4 mil) Inner Layer


Flying Probe Testers, High volume DS/DD SMDs, Fine Pitch BGAS

HASL or RoHS (Lead-free) Two CEMCO Hot Air Leveling machines
Electrolytic Gold over Nickel 0.5-1.0-micron Gold over 2-5-micron Nickel (as per customer spec)
ENIG Electroless Nickel Immersion
Peelable Solder Mask Allows hand soldering of temperature-sensitive components
Solder mask finishes Glossy/matte
Solder mask colours Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, etc.

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