We constantly upgrade our equipment so that you stay on the cutting edge of technology through our PCBs!

Having completed a multi-year growth plan that included several technology upgrades, we have now doubled our production capacity and are looking to augment it further!

Some key pieces of our sophisticated, imported equipment are:

Bare Board Testers (BBT)

Bare Board Testers (BBT) from ATG (Germany). The ATG 3010 double-sided, double-density BBT ensures SCL can 100% test complex boards before shipment.

Microcraft (Japan) Emma E8L6151 – flying probe tester with 8 probes, capable of testing 10,000 points per minute

The 8 Head Flying Probe Tester from Microcraft (Japan) was one of the first ones installed anywhere in the world. Its high capacity ensures Prototypes are completed quickly.

Automatic Plating Line

Automatic Plating Line by PAL Hong Kong

Hot Air Leveling machines

Hot Air Leveling machines from CEMCO (UK) – one machine for Tin lead and one machine for ROHS compliant Lead-free PCBs. The resulting flat surface, cost-effectiveness, and durability are unmatched by other finishes.

Automated Plating line

Automated Plating line from PAL (Hong Kong) to plate consistently in high volume.

Computer-controlled (CNC) drills and routers

Computer-controlled (CNC) drills and routers from Posalux (Switzerland) and Pluritec (Italy) to accurately drill high-quality holes as small as 0.20 mm (200 microns, 0.008 inches, 8 mil) and rout the most complex shapes.

A complete Equipment List is available upon request.

Let us get your PCBs ready!

Once you send us your specifications, including any fabrication drawings or schematics, our experts will analyse them and provide you with a comprehensive quote within a day.