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Leading PCB Technology with Augmented Capabilities

SCL was established by Canadians of Indian origin in 1988 with the Technical Collaboration of Lazer-Tech (Canada). We brought world-class PCB technology to India with the import of modern PCB manufacturing equipment from the USA and Europe. SCL has recently augmented its capabilities with the addition of major new pieces of equipment. Starting with a foundation of the highest quality raw materials imported from large, quality-conscious suppliers in Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, and China, SCL manufactures PCBs with mature quality assurance systems to ensure our valuable customers receive consistently good PCBs.

The industries we serve include automotive electronics, industrial controls, railways, telecommunications, defence, space, power electronics, mobile electronics, etc. SCL has a proven track record of establishing long-term relationships with professional and sophisticated electronics manufacturers.

Quick turn Double-sided and Multi-layer PCB fabrication are the foundations of our business. Our highly experienced manufacturing team is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to serve your PCB prototyping and Production needs.
SCL is centrally located in Hyderabad – the city where old-world charm meets the modern electronics & technology businesses of world repute. Our location is close to India’s electronic industry as well as the defence and aerospace manufacturing hub. The Hyderabad International airport has many daily international flights and provides easy access to customers and suppliers in Europe, the USA, and East Asia.

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Our Environmental Responsibility

SCL believes in sustainable corporate practices and the triple bottom line. It has installed extensive new facilities to treat its discharged water and reduce its environmental footprint. Most water is re-used and all solid wastes are treated as per the regulatory procedures and disposed of without any harm to the environment. We maintain the highest possible corporate ethical standards across all areas of our company.

The Team

Person Title Mobile E-Mail
Mr.S.V.N.Prasad COO +91 900 044 4859 information@sclpcb.com
Mr.Narendra Marketing Executive +91 986 619 4011 information@sclpcb.com
Mr. S. Rambabu GM-Commercial +91 994 989 9926 information@sclpcb.com
Mr. G Vijay Kumar Quality +91 984 842 2353 information@sclpcb.com
Mr. Nirav Mehta VP-Production +91 966 202 1902 information@sclpcb.com
Mr.Krishna “Kris” Rao Chairman +1 908 391 9882 information@sclpcb.com

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Once you send us your specifications, including any fabrication drawings or schematics, our experts will analyse them and provide you with a comprehensive quote within 24 hours.